Sandford Park School Drama Production…

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Author:hbv studios

Lovely project to be involved in early in 2019 working on the multimedia incorporation of Sandford Park School’s February production of The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder. In close partnership with the play’s director we designed the visual elements and sequences and their delivery for the live production – for example the images of the disintegrating picket fence that mirrored the deteriorating weather depicted in the play. The second act called for a news broadcast which had to be worked into the live dialog; so we pre-recorded the broadcast on green screen, thereby creating a news studio that could be queued in live on stage on two giant television screens. HBV also supplied the hardware for the show – into the school’s theatre went a multi-channel desk, stage mics and ten radio mics, along with the screens. Our crew worked closely with the play’s director to ensure all image sequences and audio were cued up correctly prior to the show’s three-day run; and to finish up, HBV shot a multi-camera video of the two-hour show, delivering a fully-edited finished cut to the school.

Great  buzz to be working with the director and cast and to help with what was an amazing production. Looking forward to providing comprehensive technical and creative support to future productions.