Our People

Heatley Tector – Proprietor

Heatley Tector is the proprietor of HBV Studios Ltd. The former owner of Mood Media and associated companies, Heatley has enjoyed over thirty five years in the media business. He has wide-ranging experience of outside broadcasting, delivering single- and multi-camera live-stream and video on behalf of sporting and corporate clients.

Indoors, Heatley has delivered countless on-site and studio-based audio and video projects encompassing radio and TV advertising, and promotional, instructional and marketing video content. His track record of producing and presenting podcasts is much valued by clients, who find the medium an engaging way in which to promote themselves and their products.

Hugh Barford – Creative Director

With a background in professional voiceover work and journalism, Hugh oversees all aspects of the creative output of the studios, from voiceover recording to storyboarding and scripting of videos. His experience in localization, film, TV and radio – allied to a keen business sense – makes him the first point of contact for clients when discussing the production levels required for their audio/video projects.

Conor MacEvilly – Studio Manager

From the age of 12 Conor knew he wanted to work with sound. He got his first job as a roadie, and soon progressed to engineering live sound and touring with various well-known Irish bands. With the growth in popularity in CD-Rom in the mid-90s Conor moved into producing voices for children’s video games in dozens of languages. Through this work he built an in-depth expertise

with multi-lingual digital audio and video.

In 2001 Conor was approached by localization company Transware to work on their audio projects. At Transware, Conor managed a team of sound engineers and five studios, as well as providing training and support to the company’s audio and video post production teams. In 2008 Conor joined forces with Hugh Barford to help form and build HBV Studios. Conor has overall responsibility for the quality and delivery of all audio-video content.

Colm O’Neill – Audio Visual Productions

From audio technican to director of multi-camera live events, Colm has immersed himself in a multitude of areas in the audio visual environment. His experience gained in these roles has seen him manage production capacity for both audio and video. He has worked on many different projects from promotional videos to marketing campaigns, TV productions, audio and visual podcasts to producing multi camera live streams and events.

David Streek – GM/Administration & Accounts

David is responsible for the operations of the office, providing key administrative and accounting support while managing the relationships between HBV Studios and their clients, vendors and voiceover artists. David is also an integral member of the HBV live-streaming team, with responsibility for setting up and managing graphics packages for coverage of live events.